Commercial Remodeling & Building

Elder Living Construction has experience with commercial properties. We have over 30 years of experience with commercial build-outs including offices, retail, medical/dental, restaurants and recreational. We can complete your capital improvement and cycle replacement projects. We can also do upgrades and repairs to your commercial spaces making us your one call solution for all your commercial property needs.

You can trust Elder Living Construction when it is time for a change or upgrade.

Our experience is broad and deep. Our professional Construction Managers will complete your project with unparalleled attention to budget, schedule and all the details. We take the challenges associated with any renovation off your plate so you can concentrate on your business, not your renovation. You can count on our experience and attention to quality to meet your needs.

Capital Improvement Projects

Call us for a quote on projects that can make a difference in the value of your property and your overall presence.

  • Give your lobby and public spaces a facelift
  • Bring your building and restrooms up to ADA standards
  • Add on office or warehouse space

Multi-Family Residential Property Cycle Replacement and Renovation

Our experience includes cycle replacement projects for over 50 apartment complex and townhouse communities.  Call us for a quote to help you manage and complete your upgrades.

  • Handicap unit renovation
    • Accessible cabinetry
    • Tub to ADA shower conversions
    • ADA locks and plumbing fixtures
    • Ramps and entry transitions
  • Is it time to…
    • Replace front doors?
    • Upgrade kitchens and baths?
    • Repair or replace concrete sidewalks, steps or curbing?
    • Upgrade lighting?